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Made in Romania, Brasov by Matkovski Calin. The tree is the tree of life and the raven represents wisdom.

Emergency 911 - Get Naked On Cam (by tragiceight)


  • umm idk im new&& idk how to wokrr thiss?? helpp
Owen - Everyone Feels Like You


You bring the drinks, I’ll bring the fuck you’s.

Motionless In White - “Abigail” Official Music Video (by FearlessRecords)

Real friends dont talk sh** behinde yuurh back


If I told you that I loved you
Would you reject me?
Or would you run down the street saying that you loved me back

I just cant do this any more
… Waiting for you hurts me so much I wish I could hold you in my arms
I wish I could hold you
I wish I could